Eastbourne's Mayor Condemns London Terror Attack

Thursday 23rd March 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Mayor Of Eastbourne's Civic Service 2016

Eastbourne's Mayor is expressing her condolences following the terror attack in London yesterday (22 March).

Councillor Pat Hearn believes we cannot allow terrorists to affect the British way of life and undermine our democracy.

Speaking to Eastbourne Buzz, Councillor Hearn said, “It would be easy for this terrible attack outside the Houses of Parliament to stir up a lot of hatred. As it happened, I was hosting a Citizenship Ceremony at Town Hall yesterday morning, where there were varying nationalities and it struck me, that we must celebrate our diversity. We mustn’t let the events in London stir up hated between people, because there is just a minority which acts in such a way. We must not let it ruin our society, or affect our freedom. In fact, we must celebrate our freedom and our democracy in Britain and we must not live in fear.

“We must remember, people are people and we cannot let the minority affect our liberty and way of life.

“I feel for all of those who were involved in this atrocity and believe PC Keith Palmer was a true hero. My heart goes out to his family and the families of the others who were sadly killed or injured.”

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