Plans For Christmas 2017 Underway In Eastbourne

Sunday 16th April 2017

Exclusive Buzz Video

An Eastbourne man who loves Christmas is looking ahead to this year's festivities.

Richard Chapman is well-known for decorating his parent's house in Kingsmere every year to raise money for charity.

Last year, he spent three months putting up more than 50,000 lights for the display. He also arranged for a sleigh to take Mr and Mrs Claus around town, much to the delight of children.

However, with the event getting bigger every year, Richard's now looking for help to make it happen. He's asking fo volunteers to help get the house ready and to run activities on switch on night on 9 December. He's also set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of building materials and is calling on businesses to sponsor the day.

He's yet to confirm which charity they'll be supporting this year, but are due to make that announcement soon.

Eastbourne Buzz has been catching up with him:

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