Real Nappy Week Backed In Wealden

Monday 17th April 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Real Nappy Week 2017

Parents in Polegate, Stone Cross and Westham can get a free trial of nappy kits, thanks to Wealden District Council is supporting Real Nappy Week (24 -30 April).

The theme of this year’s Real Nappy Week is One World, One Change!  Its aim is to spread the word about cloth nappies and help parents to make that one change - the change to reusable nappies.

Parents will be asked for a £25 deposit which is refundable on the return of the nappies after the trial.

It can be confusing when buying cloth nappies as there are so many different types and materials, so our trial has put together a range of nappies for Wealden parents. The trial gives you the chance to sample different types of reusable nappies in the comfort of your own home before you buy a bulk pack. We’ve found different styles may suit different babies. Free advice is available throughout the trial.

Why Change?

By using cloth nappies, you could save from £100 – £1,000 and more if the nappies are used on subsequent children.

Then there is the cost of disposable nappies to our environment. By choosing cloth over single-use nappies, families could make up to a 40% carbon saving.

Currently UK families send 355,000 tonnes of single-use nappies to waste each year, costing local authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year.

What are we changing?

Changing Habits – We have become accustomed to the buy it, use it, throw it lifestyle. We can change this. To buy it, use it, use it again, pass it on. Cloth nappies are the perfect example of this habit change that is needed.

So why not give washable nappies a go using our Real Nappy kit trail? Modern real cloth nappies are stylish, fashionable and come in a range of designs, materials, sizes and colours designed to suit your baby and your pocket. They fasten easily with poppers or Velcro and can help with early potty training.

For more information on Wealden’s Nappy Trial Kit, email, go online or call 01323 443322.

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