Stephen Lloyd 'I Look Forward To The Fight'

Tuesday 18th April 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Stephen Lloyd Headshot

Former Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd, is ready to fill the job again, as he goes head-to-head with Caroline Ansell in the forthcoming General Election.

Theresa May made the announcement this morning (18 April) setting 8 June as they day we go to the polls.

Stephen Lloyd said, “I only hear the news this morning, as I was walking through the Arndale Centre, when I started getting a lot of texts and then shoppers started to come up and shake my hand saying ‘good luck’.

“I have felt for a while that we could see a snap election, but Theresa May always said she wouldn’t do that. Consequently, she has caught everyone by surprise.

“Eastbourne was always my passion when I was MP and it will remain my passion. It was a privilege to serve Eastbourne as the MP and I hope to do so again.

“The town knows I have always put Eastbourne first and I have now got the opportunity to put myself in front of the people of this wonderful town again and it is they who will choose.

“I look forward to the fight and I look forward to hopefully serving Eastbourne again.”

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