Eastbourne Greens 'Ready To Fight Hard'

Tuesday 18th April 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Andrew durling

The Green Party is yet to choose their candidate to stand for Eastbourne in the General Election, which was called this morning (18 April) by the Prime Minister.

Andrew Durling, who stood for the Party in the 2015 vote said, “It’s an opportunity for people to cast their vote of the Government’s handling of the whole Brexit situation. This election will be about Brexit one way or the other. It’s an opportunity for people to vote on how satisfied they are with the Government’s approach to the Brexit negotiations.

“To be honest, the negotiations haven’t been going well. Basically, they are a shambles and it’s an opportunity for people to show their displeasure with the Government about the shambles that is Brexit negotiations.

“One thing that struck me is how inconvenient the timing is for this election. The Prime Minister could have combined this with county council elections in May, but instead, is inflicting another election on the people. Creating more concern and hassle for people, when she could have chosen a more convenience time for everyone.

“The Greens are ready to fight the General Election as hard as we can, as we believe we have the right policies and a huge change is needed to how politics is run. We have the right policies especially for a truly democratic set up in the UK. We also have the right policies for transitioning to a green economy, that will ensure the future prosperity and wellbeing of this country.”

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