Huge Defeat For Eastbourne Eagles In National Trophy

Monday 24th April 2017

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It was a heavy defeat for the Eastbourne Eagles in their opening group match of the National Trophy yesterday (23 April).

Away to Mildenhall, the Eagles were on the back foot from the first race and steadily slipped further behind, slumping to a 61-29 loss to the Fen Tigers.

Connor Dugard, team boss, commented, “Obviously, it has been a very disappointing afternoon for us, especially coming after such a convincing win at Plymouth on Friday night.

"We were unable to force our way into the match and Mildenhall controlled things from the off.

"We will head home and get things back together again in readiness to take on Cradley at home on Saturday.”

Eagles: Mark Baseby 3 (4), Dugard 0 (3), Parkinson Blackburn 6 (5), Mattie Bates 2 (4), Georgie Wood 4 (4), William O'Keefe 1 (3), Tom Brennan 13 (7).

Fen Tigers: Danny Ayres 13+2 (5), Luke Ruddick 8 (4), Jon Armstrong 10+1 (4), Danno Verge 4+2 (4), Danny Halsey 11+2 (5), Sam Woods 6 (4), Jordan Jenkins 9 (4).

Jack Parkinson Blackburn stood in for Connor Coles, who was on duty for Newcastle, and William O'Keefe came in a No 6 for Charley Powell, who has a grasstrack fixture this afternoon, a booking agreed to last year.

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