Polegate MP Wants An End To Unfair Parking Fines

Wednesday 26th April 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Maria caulfield

Polegate’s MP has raised the issue of unfair and opaque parking practices in Parliament.

After receiving numerous complaints, Maria Caulfield has raised the issue, calling upon the Government to take direct action in rectifying the situation. Currently there are different rules for parking on private land compared to public areas and the confusion caused often leaves drives with a hefty fine when they make a mistake.

In the chamber, Maria asked the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government what steps the Government has taken to tackle the proposals highlighted in the recent consultation Parking Reform: Tackling Unfair Practices, to which the Minister outlined that they had clamped down on rogue practices by private parking operators, including by banning wheel clamping and towing. He referred to a recent publication which outlined the Department’s summary of the responses to its discussion paper on private parking in 2016.

Maria then proceeded to ask about the discrepancies between parking on public and private land. She urged the Government to bring forward recommendations from the consultation to end such unfair practices that affect hard-working, decent families.

The Minister responded by commending Maria for her commitment to local issues and her constituents, and called her a “strong campaigner” for them. The Minister admitted that people need greater clarity on where they can and cannot park, and promised that the Department would consider Maria’s (and consequently the residents of Lewes’) concerns in their response to the consultation.

Speaking afterwards, Ms Caulfield commented, “I am satisfied with the Minister’s response today, as he conceded that the practices such as the one I outlined are unfair and lack clarity, and promised to include these concerns in their response to the consultation, which will inevitably translate into policy that prevents these unfair practices.

“Issues such as these are so important as they affect the day to day lives of people and an unfair £60 fine can dramatically affect the wellbeing of a working family. I want to assure my constituents that there is no issue too small or insignificant that deems it unnecessary for me to make representation of it in Westminster.”

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