UKIP Pevensey Candidate 'Election Is Unnecessary'

Sunday 30th April 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Geoff Bastin

The UKIP candidate for Pevensey and Westham is ready for the campaign.

Geoffrey Bastin was confirmed for the Party yesterday (29 April) and will go up against the current MP and Conservative candidate, Huw Merriman and Joel Kemp, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats.

Commenting on the snap General Election, Mr Bastin said, “I believe this general election is unnecessary but as it has been called we must respond.  Mrs May seems to think it is all about Brexit and not much else.  If that is the case then we have a Conservative MP in Bexhill & Battle who voted Remain in the referendum and must be in doubt in the minds of the 60% of Bexhill & Battle's electorate who voted to Leave last June.

“Surely only ladies like Mrs May are permitted to change her minds.  Huw Merriman sat on the fence during the referendum campaign and only at the last minute on polling day did he declare for Remain.

“I voted to leave the Common Market as it was in 1975 and I have not changed my mind since.  I wonder how large a majority the Tories want to make sure Brexit means Brexit when the government has already secured massive parliamentary majorities on the two votes taken so far on leaving the EU.  A majority of 13, 23 or 103 will not make any difference to the final outcome.  What the electorate want to know is what the Conservatives say about leaving the EU is what they actually mean.  This election is all about who do we trust, UKIP that believes in a true and complete Brexit or another party that makes out it supports something that a few months ago they considered was not even necessary or desirable.

“I'm in UKIP because I believe in a Britain as an independent, proud and sovereign nation, trading freely and globally whilst tackling pressing international issues of the day.

“I wonder how Huw Merriman sees the future of the UK after expressing his wish to see us shackled to the EU for ever more.”

The Bexhill and Battle constituency covers Pevensey, Pevensey Bay, Westham, Herstmonceux and Stone Cross.


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