Spring Has Sprung At Drusillas

Sunday 14th May 2017

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Spring has certainly sprung in Alfriston bringing with it the welcome arrival of little bundles of fur and feathers to its zoo. At the end of last month Drusillas welcomed three beautiful rock hyrax babies to the Park. The sprightly little ones have been keeping their mum busy and can be frequently seen playing about in their enclosure.

Rock hyraxes are native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and are, bizarrely, the closest living relative of the elephant! Similar to the elephant, the rock hyrax has hooves rather than claws on their toes, acute hearing and two large continuously growing incisors – just like an elephant’s tusk!

Head Keeper, Mark Kenward, commented, “It has been particularly nice to observe the three rock hyrax babies, who were born last month and are growing fast.  A few years ago, we rehomed a pair from Cotswold Wildlife Park, who gave us our first ever rock hyrax babies.”

 “We are always excited by new arrivals at the zoo. They are incredibly popular with the public and our staff and are a real pleasure to see. However, they will also prove invaluable to the breeding programmes they represent, which have been set up to help ensure a species’ future survival.”

It’s not just the new arrivals that are thriving at the zoo; the babies born at the very end of last year are also making great progress. Cheeky monkeys Bonny – the silvery marmoset, and Loki – the saki monkey, are coming on leaps and bounds. Both born in December last year the little ones have been gradually getting more independent and keen to explore their surroundings.

Adding to the baby buzz Drusillas also celebrated two first birthdays this year. Flash the sloth turned one-years

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