Seagull Shot In Eastbourne

Thursday 18th May 2017

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A seagull has been shot in Eastbourne.

Member of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service were called to The Circus just before 7am this morning (18 May), where they found the bird.

Centre manager and rescuer Chris Riddington from Eastbourne dealt with the call, “When I took the call I spoke to a very upset lady who believed a gull had been shot on her roof and was injured in her garden.”

The lady had managed to contain the gull in her garage, which is where Chris found it. He said, “When I saw the bird, the wounds were consistent with being shot, there was clear entry and exit hole and the feathers had been pushed into the wound. Sadly, the bone was fractured quite badly and it wasn't looking good.”

The bird was taken to St Anne’s Vets, who agreed the gull’s condition was so serious, the kindest thing was to put it to sleep.

Chris added, “Sadly this isn't an isolated case, this is the fourth gull to be shot in 4 weeks at this address. We only rescued one Tuesday (16 May). We X-rayed the wing and the pellet was still in situ. Vets are working hard to save its life.”

Shooting seagulls is a criminal offence and the lady who reported the case this morning is now scared to go near her windows.

East Sussex WRAS have this morning contacted the police who will be investigating the matter. If you have any information about how may be causing this cruelty please contact Sussex Police on 101 quoting ref 152 of 18 May 2017.


Image courtesy: WRAS

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