Eastbourne Firm Awards Bexhill Lady £250 Shopping Trip

Friday 26th May 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Charlene & Sheila

A retired woman has won a £250 shopping trip after taking part in a survey on housing plans in later life, run by an Eastbourne firm.

Sheila Dyke, who’s 68, filled in an online questionnaire about older people’s housing needs, sponsored telecare provider Welbeing.

The survey was part of East Sussex County Council’s consultation with people living in the county to find out where they want to live in later life, helping to inform the authority on housing policy for older people.

Questions included ‘Are you planning to stay living in your current home?’ and ‘Do you plan to move to more manageable accommodation or specialist accommodation for older people?’

Mrs Dyke filled out the survey but didn’t expect to win the £250 Love to Shop voucher prize in a draw that all respondents were entered into.

“We are in the throes of decorating a bedroom so I am planning to spend the money on new matching bedding,” she said.

Asked why she took part in the survey, Mrs Dyke added, “There is a tendency for organisations to make these kinds of important decisions on behalf of older people but we have our own ideas and can choose for ourselves. I wanted to express that.”

She was presented with her prize by Welbeing Marketing Manager, Charlene Saunders, who said: “Congratulations to Sheila who we hope will enjoy spending her prize. We were pleased to support this ESCC initiative to find out people’s views on housing in later life. Many of our customers are elderly and they highly value their ability to live independently with the support of Welbeing services.”


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