Knight Returns To Eastbourne Eagles Line-Up

Thursday 1st June 2017

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The Eastbourne Eagles have made changes to their squad.

Stepping aside will be Connor Coles and Eastbourne asset, Kelsey Dugard. 

Club team manager Connor Dugard explained, "I do feel sorry for both riders, especially Colesy. He hasn't put a foot wrong and he gives 110% effort wherever he goes. 

"Unfortunately, it's a numbers game and it's fair to say that Kelsey hasn't been performing particularly well. 

"He shows glimmers of hope like when he beat Steve Boxall last week, then he crashes again and again and this time he's actually injured himself and is awaiting a scan later next week to see the full extent of the damage.

"With average and line-up changes it could mean that I would have to use development league equivalent riders at reserve for Kelsey."

The two riders stepping in are 2016 Eagles captain and KO Cup winner, Jake Knight, who missed the start of the season and immediately regretted it, with Alex Spooner who will take the number 6 position.

Both riders will make their debuts at Arlington on Saturday (3 June) when the Eagles host Kent in the KOC second leg.

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