Eastbourne DGH Staff Told To Take Their Breaks

Wednesday 1st June 2016

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Staff working at Eastbourne DGH are being reminded of the importance of taking their break during their working day or night to help them to maintain their physical and mental health wellbeing.

Alice Webster Director of Nursing said: “Many of our staff work a twelve and half hour shift and we wanted to encourage them to take their half hour allocated break. We know that taking a break during their shift is very important to their physical and mental health. Keeping the brain focused for lengthy periods will eventually tire it out and it begins to work less which can lead to mistakes and low quality work. Taking a break for even 15-20 minutes is proven to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day and provides an opportunity for our brain and body to recuperate. Ultimately this is good for our staff and helps to improve the care we are able to offer our patients.”

As part of the Take a Break campaign advice and information has been offered to staff about stretching and relaxation exercises along with nutritional and hydration tips all aimed at helping to keep staff more energetic and able to concentrate better.

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