Residents' Anger At Outstanding Work On Eastbourne Estate

Friday 16th June 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Bovis Estate

Residents living on the Bovis Estate in Eastbourne are angry that work that had been promised, has not yet been delivered.

The estate on Kings Drive, is still awaiting a children’s play park, allotments, turf to be laid and fences to be installed, leaving those living there feeling ‘abandoned’ by the developers.

On Wednesday (14 June), around 50 residents came together for a meeting, involving borough and county councillors, to see how they can move forward to get the job finished.

The meeting was organised by Darryl Gosling who said, “It’s mostly the landscaping that’s missing at the moment, which is what they proposed to do and we just want it done. There was a time when there were machines here and fencing and building materials being left, which children were playing on at weekends and in the nicest possible way, we just wanted that gone. Now they have gone but they haven’t completed the job and we just want it completed.”

It's hoped those living on the estate will now form a residents’ association, which will help them to work more closely with the Borough Council to resolve issues.

A spokesperson for Eastbourne Borough Council has confirmed that their Planning Department has issued notice on Bovis that unless they receive a satisfactory timetable to carry out the works specified in the S106 agreement - play space, landscaping etc, by 27 June, they will proceed with a mandatory injunction to ensure their obligations are met.

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