Former Eastbourne MP's Response To Queen's Speech

Thursday 22nd June 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline ansell

Former Eastbourne MP, Caroline Ansell, wants to see Stephen Lloyd honour his promise not to hamper the UK’s exit of the European Union.

Mrs Ansell has said that the new MP is ‘honour-bound’ to vote in favour of all Brexit legislation announced in the Queen’s Speech, or he will face betraying the town. Caroline also said it would be unacceptable to abstain during votes.

"Eight of the 27 bills in the Queen’s Speech involve Brexit in some way and all are crucial to making a success of leaving," she explained, “It’s quite clear there is a minority government in place that could easily have its Brexit plans disrupted by those attempting to thwart the result of the referendum.

“The majority who voted to leave in Eastbourne and Willingdon, plus the very many remainers who now want us to make a success of leaving, will be making sure he makes good on his pledge, even though his Liberal Democrat party remains vehemently opposed to the referendum result and will do everything it can to try and stop it.”

Caroline welcomed plans to tackle domestic violence in the Queen’s Speech, plus tougher anti-terror laws and the announcement of infrastructure projects being brought forward.

“I also welcome the Prime Minister making it clear she is going to listen to voters’ concerns and many unpopular plans in the manifesto have been dropped. This is sound politics and it has the added bonus of allowing Parliament to concentrate on the massive task of Brexit and making a success of it,” she added.

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