Students To Give Easthourne School Brighter Entrance

Wednesday 5th July 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Ratton Green Fingers

The year 9 support class at Ratton School, have been tasked with revitalising the entrance to the school. They have taken charge of organising, budgeting and planting three garden beds situated outside reception.

First, the students measured the chosen flower beds in order to draw a scale plan. Then they tested the acidity of the soil ensuring that the plants they wanted would be suitable. During their lessons, the students have been measuring, researching and planning what type of plants would be best for the flower beds. As part of this research, all the students combined ideas for a questionnaire and went around the school asking various members of the staff for responses. Questions included: what they would like to see in the beds? Would they like to see the Ratton colours? and what should students consider when making their final plan? With these answers in mind, the students discussed the outcomes and made logical choices for the types of plants they are going to use.

Next, the students visited Chalk Farm garden centre, where the friendly staff helped them to find out more about the type of plants that they will be using. Prices were researched and decisions made as to how many of each plant they would need in the garden beds.

By the end of term, the year 9 students will have completed their task and transformed the school entrance. The students have really taken off with this project. The enthusiasm and level of engagement to this task has been a credit to them all. Their hard work and determination through the project will be evident to all students, staff and future guests to Ratton as the new beds will bring a breath of fresh air to the school.

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