Eastbourne To Taste The Caribbean

Friday 3rd June 2016

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Eastbourne’s getting ready to sample a taste of the Caribbean, with a pop up evening at The Cookshelf. The event on 18 June, will feature food, music and rum.

The menu is carefully designed to appeal to all and boasts a great selection of meat, fish and vegan dishes.

Caribbean classics people will be familiar with such as Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat, Rice and Peas will feature on the buffet menu.  Lesser known but equally delicious choices include Brown Stew Chicken – which is where the chicken is caramelised in brown bugar to give flavour and tenderness to the meat, Fried fish – which will be based on the King Fish or Red Mullet, a real ‘party’ food of the Caribbean.

For vegans there will be a Bujol with Coconut Bake for starter, and a mouth-watering Butternut Squash curry for the Main.  Sides include Callaloo, which is a spicy Okra based side dish – a favourite from Trinidad & Tobago.

Music from Caribbean carnivals will be played as guests enjoy their food and afterwards there will be a rum tasting featuring Pyrat XO Reserve and the Diplomatico reserve.  Guests will be treated to a presentation and invited to either sip the rums or enjoy in a cocktail.

Behind the Caribbean Pop Up is Marcus O’Brien, an Eastbourne resident of over 15 years, whose family originate from Trinidad.  Marcus spent some of his childhood years living in Trinidad and experienced a wealth of dishes that came from the various cultures that make Trinidad the most culturally diverse island in the Caribbean.

The food he experienced included vegan cuisine which is of importance to many in the Caribbean.  Marcus returns to Trinidad often and his family are an active part of the Carnival scene in Trinidad & Canada, with Marcus himself being part the Parade of London Notting Hill Carnival each year.

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