Eastbourne Mayor Receives Sovereign Centre Petition

Thursday 20th July 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Young At Heart Petition

The Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Pat Hearn, received a delegation from the Young at Heart Club accompanied by Sovereign Ward Councillors Gordon Jenkins, Penny Di Cara and Paul Metcalfe at the Town Hall yesterday (19 July).

The purpose of the delegation was for the Mayor to receive a petition from the club with regard to the proposed leisure facilities in the new Sovereign Leisure Centre currently under consideration. The petition read:

“We the undersigned call upon Eastbourne Borough Council to rescind their decision to install trampolines in the sports hall at the Sovereign Centre in the coming months.

“Health professionals are encouraging older people to maintain a healthy lifestyle into later life, thus ensuring prolonged fitness which in turn relieves the burden on the NHS. 

“This lifestyle is promoted by the Young at Heart Club which meets at the Sovereign Centre twice a week.  If the trampolines are installed this will effectively break up the club which not only has existed for almost 30 years and has 300 members, but has given extensively to charities throughout the community.”

The petition, containing 210 signatures, was formally handed to the Mayor by Councillor Jenkins. The Mayor promised to refer the petition to the relevant Cabinet members for due consideration.

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