Eastbourne Towner Funding Discussed

Friday 11th August 2017

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The future of Eastbourne’s Towner Art Gallery has come up for discussion this week.

Leader of the Borough Council, David Tutt and David Dimbleby, Chairman of the Trustees of Towner, met to talk about the gallery’s financial position and what level of funding it may receive from the authority in the future.

There had been concerns that the Borough Council would cut its funding to Towner by 50%, but it was explained that this would be a worst-case scenario, which needed to be considered, along with a range of other possible cuts.

Councillor Tutt assured the Towner that the Borough Council were ‘proud and enthusiastic’ supporters of the gallery and wanted to minimise the impact of any cut made necessary by the 50% reduction in central government funding of the authority. He added that he was hopeful that recent property acquisitions by the Borough Council, including the Hampden Park Retail Park and the Victoria Mansion block, would provide an income stream that could help achieve this.

Both the Borough Council and Towner have agreed to work together along with Arts Council England, Towner’s other principle funder, on plans for the future.  All three are committed to ensuring that the Gallery builds on its reputation and continues to offer world class exhibitions alongside exciting programmes of talks, films, workshops and other learning and outreach activities. Most important of all is their determination that these are shared with the people of Eastbourne and beyond.

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