Eastbourne MP Joins Calls For Safer Road Layout

Monday 14th August 2017

Exclusive Buzz Video

The fight to make Prince William Parade in Eastbourne safer for pedestrians is continuing.

Earlier this year, Eastbourne Buzz reported on the concerns Eastbourne Access Group have about the road, with particular focus on those using wheelchairs or parents with pushchairs.

Currently, the double yellow lines leave the view to left clear for those wishing to cross the road at drop curbs, but to the right, pedestrians have to contend with parked cars obstructing their view, meaning they have to step out into the road to see.

So far, the County Council and Ombudsman have said there isn’t a problem and won’t look into the matter any further, but now Eastbourne Access Group have taken their fears that someone will be seriously hurt on the road, to the MP, Stephen Lloyd.

Eastbourne Buzz met up with them on Prince William Parade to see where they’re up to in their campaign:

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