Eastbourne Author Publishes Latest Novel

Tuesday 15th August 2017

eastbourne buzz news - The Chalky Sea Clare Flynn

An Eastbourne author has released her latest novel.

The Chalky Sea by Clare Flynn, is set in the seaside town, during World War Two and follows the story of Gwen Collingwood, who must face the war alone, after dropping her husband at the station, knowing she may never see him again. It also follows Jim Armstrong, from Canada, who volunteers to fight and sails to England.

The historical novel highlights the Canadian presence in Eastbourne throughout the conflict, but why did Clare want to set the book in wartime Eastbourne? “A fact I was unaware of until I moved back here, was the significant presence of the Canadian army in the town between summer 1941 and D-Day in 1944. Several Canadian regiments were stationed in Eastbourne, many billeted in homes throughout the town. After the war one hundred and fifty Eastbourne women sailed to Canada as war brides. A house in my own road was used as a Canadian Officers’ Mess and the Canucks drank in both of my two local pubs and parked their tanks at the top of my road. How could I resist?”

Clare moved back to Eastbourne in 2016, having lived in the town as a teenager. The Chalky Sea is available to by on Amazon.

Clare will be giving a reading, book signing and Q&A session at The Hawthorns on Saturday 26 August.

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