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Thursday 9th June 2016

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Eastbourne Lifeboat are searching the English Channel for a missing man.

He was reported to have fallen overboard from a fishing boat around 30 miles out to sea earlier this afternoon.

Eastbourne are searching along with Newhaven and Shoreham Lifeboats and the coastguard helicopter.

Eastbourne RNLI have received reports the man may have gone into the water unconscious.

An HM Coastguard spokesperson said, “UK Coastguard is co-ordinating a search for a missing crew member who went overboard from a vessel. 

"At about 12.40pm today (9 June) UK and French Coastguards received a Mayday call reporting that a person had fallen overboard from a vessel in French waters, 30 miles south of Newhaven. 

"The UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Lydd and RNLI all weather lifeboats have been sent to the location. 

"A Mayday relay has been broadcast by the Coastguard requesting assistance with the search and two vessels are currently making their way to the area. The search is ongoing.”

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