UPDATED: Eastbourne Lifeboat Stood Down After 10 Hours

Thursday 9th June 2016

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Eastbourne Lifeboat crew have been stood down after searching for 10 hours for a fisherman, lost at sea.

They were launched at lunchtime (9 June) after the man went overboard, possibly unconscious, 30 miles out to sea.

Shoreham and Newhaven Lifeboats were also launched, but Newhaven was stood down earlier this evening.

They were joined by the UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter and nearby fishing vessels and professional mariners who heard the Mayday.

Commercial vessels using the Dover strait have also been requested to search for the missing man.

All those involved in the search have now been stood down.

Matt West, Duty Controller for the UK Coastguard said, "Following a comprehensive search effort in the area with nothing found, a decision has been taken to suspend the search pending any further information."


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