'Were Air Samples Taken During Haze Cloud?' Asks MP

Tuesday 5th September 2017

eastbourne buzz news - Seven Sisters Birling Gap

Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd, wants to know if air samples were taken during last month’s haze cloud that left hundreds of people eye irritation, nausea and sore throats.

Last week, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said they are looking at the 180 ships off the Eastbourne coast at the time of the cloud, to try and identify where the haze came from. However, as yet, no official body as identified what the gas was, with only East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service saying it is ‘highly unlikely’ that it was chlorine.

Stephen Lloyd said, “I am frustrated that none of the bodies involved appear to have thought to take air samples of the haze, so we all remain unclear what it's make up actually was. This, if true, is a systemic breakdown which is unacceptable. Consequently, I will be writing to all the relevant CEO's to ask there Agency's draft a robust protocol for air samples to be immediately collected in future similar incidents, so we can be reassured such an apparent oversight won't happen again.”

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