Firefighters Urge Us To 'Stay Local' This Bonfire Season

Wednesday 6th September 2017

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With the firework season now in full swing in East Sussex, we’re being urged to ‘Stay Local’ by firefighters.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service wants us to support bonfire celebrations closer to home, rather than head further afield. It’s hoped this will reduce the number of cars on the roads during the dark winter months.

David Kemp, head of Community Safety from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said, “Fireworks and bonfires can be dangerous if not properly supervised, with Government figures showing there are around four and a half thousand to Accident and Emergency each year due to fireworks injuries. It is much better to head to a local event where you can enjoy yourself safely.

“We also know that driving in the autumn can brings additional problems. It is harder to see dangers in the dark and if you’ve stayed up late to watch fireworks, a long drive could leave you tired behind the wheel. If you are walking to an event, make sure you can be seen – wear bright clothing and ensure children supervised.”

Andrew Gausden, Business Safety Department Manager from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said, “Fireworks are well-loved by the public but do not come without risks.  Every year organisations put on displays across East Sussex and Brighton and Hove and they have to follow certain rules to make sure it’s safe. They have to submit their plans to local authorities and we then help consider whether they have the appropriate measures in place. If you do intend to purchase fireworks for your own display we strongly recommend that these are brought from reputable retailers.”

He added, “We also want to help businesses who store and sell fireworks to stay safe and follow the law. Storing fireworks does not in itself increase the risk of an outbreak of fire but obviously it can mean any fire which does break out can spread more rapidly and be more intense.”

Eastbourne Bonfire Society will be holding their celebrations on Saturday 7 October with a torch lit procession and firework display.

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