Eastbourne MP Vows To Monitor Patient Transport Services

Sunday 12th June 2016


Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell will continue to monitor a patient transport service in Sussex that is failing to get people to hospital appointments on time.

MPs and the company itself Coperforma met earlier this week to discuss the problems and what was being done to improve the situation.

Caroline said she recognised there had been an improvement but she is still supporting individuals, some with serious conditions like cancer, who continue to experience undue stress over late patient transport.

Coperforma said it initially underestimated the level of demand after taking over the contract in April and it had deployed an extra 27 crews by May, and will have introduced 84 extra crews by the end of June.

Currently, Coperforma’s performance in Sussex is that 86% of patients are taken to appointments on time or up to 15 minutes late when the target should be 95% which has been set by a remedial action plan that runs until the end of June.

In other areas, such as London and Hampshire, it routinely manages 96-97% on time or up to 15 minutes late.

“We will be meeting with Coperforma again in July and I very much hope that target of 95% is being met by then,” said Caroline.

“It’s very disappointing the company seems to be doing much better in other areas but not here in Sussex.

“But this issue is not about percentages, it is about people – some of them very ill – who simply have not been taken to appointments. This is not good enough and it must improve and quickly.

“I am pleased that the company is putting in extra resources, I do understand there have been issues at the start of the contract, and I hope that this situation will be sorted out in the next few weeks.”

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