Councillors Can't Take The Smell Any Longer

Friday 22nd September 2017

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Something doesn’t smell right in Sovereign Harbour.

That’s according to Borough Councillors, who say they’re receiving numerous complaints about bad odours coming from Southern Water’s water treatment works in Prince William Parade.

They fear it’s giving the area a bad image and want something done to put an end, to what they’re calling an ongoing problem.

In a statement, Southern Water said, “We very much regret that residents around the Prince William Parade waste treatment plant have been disturbed by bad odour.

“We also recognise we could have communicated better with our customers about this issue. We would like to apologise and assure people we are working hard to ensure this doesn't happen again.

“The issue was caused after one of our suppliers failed to deliver on time a supply of crucial chemical for the odour scrubbers at the site. This lead to the scrubbers being shut down initially for 12 to 16 hours. Once refilled and restarted, the scrubbers then failed to activate due to a problem during the restart process - the scrubbers are designed to operate continuously. The odour prevention system then failed for five days as our team struggled to restart it with predictable and unpleasant results for people living nearby.

“The site is now operating normally and we believe there is no further issue at the site.

“We have seen a dramatic reduction in complaints about odours in the area over the last ten years and have been working closely with Eastbourne Borough Council to ensure any concerns are investigated thoroughly and promptly.

“As a result of your enquiry and as part of our ongoing work with the council, our specialist teams will be carrying our further in-depth investigations this week at the treatment works, to ensure everything is being done to address customers concerns. We will be keeping nearby residents directly informed via letter about this and any future investigations.”

Eastbourne Buzz met up with the Borough Councillors for Sovereign Harbour to hear their concerns:

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