New Heart Pacemaker At Eastbourne DGH

Thursday 5th October 2017

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Cardiologists at the Trust, which runs Eastbourne DGH, are the first in Europe to fit a new type of pacemaker device with specially coated leads to make them glide easier through veins and into position in a patient’s heart.

The innovative coating on the pacemaker leads allows doctors to easily manoeuvre them through the patient’s vein with the added benefit of the leads improved visibility under X- Ray. These two attributes enable doctors to position the leads into the heart faster, improving the procedure for the patient. Once in place the leads send low levels of energy from the pacemaker to stimulate the heart, this in turn improves the heart’s pumping timing.

Dr Rick Veasey Consultant Cardiologist said, “We pleased that East Sussex are the first hospitals in Europe to fit this device. This pacemaker’s leads are coated with an innovative technology which makes them easier to manoeuvre into position.  Like other pacemakers, once fitted the device is able to make suitable adjustments to control the patient’s heart beat so giving them a better quality of life.”

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