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Friday 17th June 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Katy Bourne

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, will again be quizzing the Sussex Police Chief Constable, Giles York this lunchtime (17 June).

You will be able to watch the meeting live here from 1pm.


Commenting ahead of the meeting, Mrs Bourne said: “The College of Policing recently drafted new guidance on police relations with the media which is currently out for consultation. The guidance has already been criticised by sections of the media, who fear that it will be detrimental to the relationship between police officers and journalists. On behalf of the public I will be asking the chief constable to explain the main recommendations set out in the guidance and whether or not Sussex Police supports them. I also want to know what the current relationship between Sussex Police and the media looks like and if police officers should provide ‘off the record’ briefings to journalists.

“Policing of our coastal borders concerns many people in Sussex due to the number of ports, harbours and marinas that we have. I will be questioning Mr York on what assurance he can provide that Sussex Police are working with the UK Border Force and other agencies and are well positioned to respond to any potential threat. I will also ask him if he is concerned that the Sussex and South East coast appears to be an easy target for human trafficking and people smuggling.

“Operation Wagtail is the dedicated Sussex Police response to reports of domestic abuse during Euro 2016. I will be asking about the aims and objectives of this operation, what Sussex Police are doing to raise awareness and encourage reporting of domestic abuse. I also want to know how technology, including body worn video and TecSOS mobile telephones, will be used to support victims of domestic abuse.”

Other topics under discussion at the meeting include what powers are available to police officers to tackle street drinking, what support is available to victims and witnesses when attending court and in particular what is in place for vulnerable, intimidated or child witnesses when they have to attend court.

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