Hampden Park Centre Gets Visit From Eastbourne MP

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

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A family contact centre in Hampden Park has been paid a visit by Eastbourne MP, Caroline Ansell.

Caroline was there to learn about the work it does, allowing parents to meet with their children in a safe environment.

The centre, run by the Mother’s Union, relocated to The Gateway Centre in February and Caroline was welcomed by co-ordinator, Kathyn Anderson for celebration tea to mark the move.

The centre holds sessions on every 1st and 3rd Saturday so that children living with one parent can spend time with their other parent and it provides a safe, comfortable and neutral ground with trained staff available. During the event, there was a guest speaker from RISE - a local charity working towards freedom from domestic abuse.

Madelaine Hunter, Community leadership programme co-ordinator, said an estimated 80% of domestic abuse cases go unreported and last month in Eastbourne there were 90 crime incidents of domestic abuse.

“It was a pleasure to be invited to the centre and see it in its new very welcoming and accessible setting,” said Caroline.

“The staff do hugely important work helping to keep children in relationships with a parent – something that is so important for all concerned.

“It was also an excellent opportunity to speak with Madelaine about RISE’s work to support victims and address the devastating behind closed door menace of domestic violence.

“It is an issue I care a great deal about so it was good to have an update from such a dedicated local charity helping victims of domestic abuse.

“Many thanks to the centre and RISE for taking the time to speak to me.”

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