Eastbourne MP Experiences What It's Like To Be Visually Impaired

Tuesday 28th June 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline ansell blind society walk

MP Caroline Ansell took to the streets of Eastbourne using glasses to simulate the experiences of visually impaired people.

Eastbourne Blind Society arranged for Caroline to try the spectacles and explained why each represented different sight loss conditions.

Caroline’s walk started at her office in Grove Road last week and then into surrounding streets with the help of a sighted person to give her a feel for the challenges faced by those with sight loss.

“This experience was hugely effective and really made me aware of the challenges faced by visually impaired people in simple activities like crossing the road that sighted people take for granted,” said Caroline.

“This type of awareness training could make us even better at supporting visually impaired constituents and it showed me how important it is we ensure our own working practices and space is wholly inclusive, should we have a future team member with a visual impairment. 

“I was also delighted to talk about arranging a bespoke Westminster visit for visually impaired constituents.”

Deirdre Dean CEO of Eastbourne Blind Society added, “I am hoping that this could be a really positive experience in a number of ways, not least helping the people of Eastbourne to have more understanding, empathy and awareness of the effect of sight loss by seeing their MP take the issue seriously.”

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