Eastbourne MP Speaks Out Over Brexit

Tuesday 28th June 2016


Eastbourne MP, Caroline Ansell is working to reassure residents about the EU situation.

She’s released a statement following the Brexit vote last week:


“This is a fast moving political situation and there is much to consider, negotiate and decide but today I feel I must say several things to residents.

I’m convinced Eastbourne has huge potential going forward, the UK has a fundamentally strong economy and a new relationship with European partners will ultimately provide new global opportunities. 

I completely understand people are concerned and some are unhappy with the result, but the voice of the majority was clear nationally, and here in Eastbourne, and this must be respected. What is critical now is that we all work together over these coming weeks and months of change.

I also feel I need to say that if you live in Eastbourne and Willingdon, whatever your age, gender, religion, sexuality or nationality I am your MP and you have my support.

I particularly understand this is a concerning time for EU nationals living in our town and I would like to reassure them I will be available to listen any issues or fears they may have. I utterly condemn racists who think those from abroad who are already living here must leave the UK when we leave the EU. 

This is a diverse country, a refuge and home to people of all nationalities and such ugly views have no place here.

The Leave campaign was never a vote to remove those who have come from abroad and who live here and make a valuable contribution to our society and economy.

To those who think they can agitate for this to happen I will say only this: I will never support any so-called repatriation policy. It would be totally wrong and I believe the overwhelming majority of people in this country will not either.

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