Eastbourne Man's Kidney Transplant Plea

Thursday 21st April 2016

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Caroline Ansell has met the Immigration Minister to ask that an Eastbourne man can have his cousin enter the country to donate a kidney that could save his life.

Roland Blell needs dialysis every day and his cousin in the Lebanon is a match for a kidney donation.

However, immigration officials have refused him entry saying he doesn’t have enough ties in Lebanon to satisfy their criteria to allow him in to the UK temporarily.

This is even though several medical reports have stated that the cousin is a match and that Mr Blell needs a kidney transplant.

“I met with James Brokenshire this week to make a case for Mr Blell, who is very unwell and the sole breadwinner for his family,” said the MP.

“I made it clear that I thought this case needs to be reconsidered on compassionate grounds and that I had met Mr Blell, who had told me he was able to support his cousin in the UK.”

“I will follow this meeting up with a letter to the minister setting out all the information and evidence I have to support this case and to urge him to reconsider as a matter of urgency, so that Mr Blell can get the kidney from his cousin.”


Picture: Caroline Ansell with Roland Blell

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