Don't Be A Recipe For Disaster In Eastbourne

Monday 4th July 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Esfrs Kitchen Fire

We’re being asked to take more care in the kitchen in Eastbourne.

Between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service attended 341 accidental fires which started in domestic kitchens across the county, with 153 recorded as cooking-related.

Andy Reynolds, Assistant Director of Safer Communities said, “Many of us lead very busy lives and as a result distraction is the major cause of fire when it comes to fires in kitchens at home. Fortunately, fires are discovered sooner and are often dealt with very quickly because many people now have working smoke alarms. However, if a fire takes hold it can cause a great deal of damage and so we would urge people to take precautions to prevent this from happening.”

Top tips

  •  Use a timer.
  • Take pans off the heat, or turn the heat down, if you are called away from the cooker, eg: by a phone call or someone calling at the front door.
  • Teach children kitchen safety so they understand not to distract you. However, if you do have to tend to the children always ensure that cooking is put on hold and the heat is turned off.
  • Avoid cooking if you have been drinking alcohol or taken prescription drugs - you may get drowsy or lose concentration.
  • Make sure you have working smoke alarms on every level of your home and they are tested regularly.

Dealing with a fire

If a pan catches fire in your kitchen:

  • Don't move it because it will be very hot.
  • Turn off the heat, if it's safe to do so - don't lean over the pan to reach the controls.


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