Pevensey MP Backs Home Secretary For PM

Tuesday 5th July 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Huw merriman

Pevensey’s MP has today revealed who he’s supporting to be the next Conservative leader.

Huw Merriman has opted to back the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

He said, “Having only been an MP for a year, and not being the type of person who spent time in the Westminster Village beforehand, I have looked at each of the candidates and asked myself who would have the experience, leadership and life skills, respect and gravitas to lead the civil service teams in negotiating the best deal for the UK as we leave the EU as well as delivering the manifesto programme I was elected upon? In particular, which of these candidates would have the skills and experience to face down the EU institutions and EU members and stand firm for our red-lines in negotiations? Having posed these questions, I came to my conclusion that of all the excellent candidates presented, Theresa May has the attributes to lead our party and country in these difficult times.

“I do not take the view that the next Prime Minister should have voted to leave the EU in the referendum. The most important aspect to me is that the next Prime Minister is best able to get the powers back to the UK from the EU. The public have given Government and MPs the instructions to leave the EU, now we need to make sure we have the best person in place to deliver the goods. On this basis, I have today cast my vote for Theresa May and I hope that she will become our next Prime Minister.”

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