Lifeline For Eastbourne Pets Caught In Fires

Friday 8th July 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Fire Dog Oxygen

Pets across East Sussex are going to be given the kiss of life thanks to the help of a newly adopted Oxygen Therapy Kit.

Animals occasionally suffer from the ill-effects of breathing in smoke and now Smokey Paws (a not-for-profit organisation) has donated East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service specially adapted Oxygen therapy masks for each appliance, tailor-made for pets which could help save their life.

Operations Manager Matthew Elder said, “The Smokey Paws Animal Oxygen Therapy Kit is used in the resuscitation of animals rescued from fires or who are in need of oxygen, following respiratory damage through smoke inhalation.

"Occasionally we see pets suffer from the detrimental effects of fire leaving owners devastated and this additional piece of equipment means that we can help to revive pets in those crucial moments following a fire. We have found that it can be difficult to revive a pet with a human-style oxygen mask but this piece of equipment will assist us as it is specifically designed to fit around muzzles rather than a human nose and mouth.

“For many residents in our Service area pets are part of the family and we feel that it is our duty to rescue animals and give them the best chance of survival, which we hope this new piece of kit will give us the ability to do this.”

The re-usable masks come in three sizes of masks supplied in order to provide oxygen to the animal via the tube fitting and operate in a similar manner to standard Oxygen Therapy Masks. The equipment is already being used operationally and is being rolled out servicewide.

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