Eastbourne Tories Comment On Party Leadership

Monday 11th July 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Councillor David Elkin

Conservative councillors in Eastbourne have been speaking out following the announcement that Theresa May is to become Prime Minister on Wednesday (13 July).

Nationally, it has been suggested that some members of the Tory Party feel short changed that there won’t be a leadership election.

Deputy Leader of the County Council and former Borough Councillor, David Elkin said, “I think it would have been nice if there was an election, but the way it was presented by Andrea Leadson, saying how can you lead a party when the majority don’t support you, made sense. I think members would have liked an election but I understand, and think she was very honourable in the way she handled her withdrawal from the race.

With regards to Theresa May, I have followed her for a long time. From my observations she is a very quiet person and from what I know from personal experience, civil servants fear her, which I think is really good. I think she will genuinely negotiate the best deal for the UK and will insist on Brexit going ahead. Theresa will do us proud when negotiating for Britain and will be a good Prime Minster.”

Meanwhile, Ray Blakebrough, Borough Councillor for Sovereign Ward said, “I don’t mind how the leadership has been decided, as the new leader has been chosen within an agreed process by the Party. Theresa May will be judged by how she takes the Party forward, of special interest will be the move to leave the EU - this is the wish of the majority voice at the recent referendum, I would think a lot of Leadsom supporters will also be keeping an eye on this issue.”

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