Eastbourne MP Backs Trident Renewal

Tuesday 19th July 2016

eastbourne buzz news - Caroline Ansell In Commons

Eastbourne MP, Caroline Ansell has spoken out in support of last night’s (18 July) Trident vote.

MPs voted on whether the nuclear programme should be renewed, with 472 voting in favour and 117 against.

Caroline said, “I believe it is absolutely vital that we maintain an independent nuclear deterrent as it is the ultimate guarantee of our national security especially when we are living in more dangerous times.

“I do understand the concerns about renewing Trident, and I hope we can work towards a nuclear weapons free world, but I do note that by the 2020s we will have reduced our nuclear stockpile and the UK possesses only about 1% of the global total of nuclear weapons. I have also taken up Trident renewal directly with the minister to determine there is no alternative.

“So, while other states continue to have nuclear arsenals, and there is a continuing risk of further proliferation of nuclear weapons either by other countries or indeed terrorist organisations, it would be irresponsible for us not to have our own.

“I do stress this is an issue of deterrence for me but we must have the option of this weaponry now and for the generations to come when we simply do not know what or where the threats will come from.

“It is also very important to stand with our allies and continue to play our part in the security of Europe through NATO. Trident has a major role to play in guaranteeing that security and peace in the years to come.”

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