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Wednesday 27th July 2016

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Has the UK’s vote to leave the EU had any impact on Eastbourne businesses?

According to a survey carried out by Eastbourne Chamber of with Alliance Chambers of East Sussex on behalf of the Government, it seems only 42% saw a difference in the first week after the referendum. The survey, which has only just been released, shows that nearly three quarters of businesses questioned say they’ve not seen any loss of contracts, whilst just 10% fear having to lay off staff in the long run as a result of Brexit.

In Eastbourne, it’s felt the town will prosper as the UK finds its path outside of the European Union. Chief Executive of Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce, Christina Ewbank said, “Eastbourne tends to work together and get on with it. We’re in a strong position because the pound is weak making us attractive for tourism. There’s so much for people to see and do with many great hotels, many world class and cultural attractions in and around the town. It’s all local and easy to get to.

“What I would like to do is put the flags out in Eastbourne and show the rest of Europe and the world that we welcome them.”

Some of those surveyed are worried though, saying they hire many workers from the continent or that they have seen orders cancelled. Whilst others say they’ve seen fewer customers through their doors compared to a year ago.

However, Christina believes the majority of firms aren’t feeling any pinch and says the new Government is helping to suppress financial concerns, “The number of companies who are suffering is quite small, but some of them are suffering quite badly, but the rest are just getting on with it and waiting to see what happens.

“Having Teresa May at the helm has really helped to calm down the financial markets.”

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