Eastbourne Fire Crews Deal With 7 False Alarms

Sunday 31st July 2016

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After Eastbourne fire crews were called to seven false alarms in just 24 hours, we’re being asked to make sure it’s not a regular occurrence.

Between 7am on Thursday (28 July) and 7am on Friday (29 July) they attended six calls through faulty alarms and one to reports of smoke, which turned out to be controlled burning.

Now East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are issuing the following advice on how we can prevent such call outs:

  • Remember, fire alarm systems are there to alert occupants to the fact that there may be a fire and depending on your fire risk assessment and emergency plans, it is normally appropriate to investigate first and only to call the Fire Service if / when there are any signs to indicate that there is actually a fire
  • If you have an automatic alarm system, make sure it is installed property, that you know how it works and it is serviced regularly by a competent person
  • Best practice requires that false alarms are logged and investigated so that any patterns and trends are identified and dealt with
  • Be aware that steam and dust can trigger alarms and take precautions when possible
  • If you are having a bonfire, please tell your neighbours first so that they can shut windows and doors if necessary

If you do have a fire, please call 999 immediately. Please do not put yourself at risk and only attempt to use any extinguisher if trained and it is safe to do so.

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